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Palm Spring getaway

I love going on adventures every year and explore nature no matter what the weather condition is. As I mentioned, snow or desert heat I am there. 

We decided to get away for a weekend without the kids.

My experience in Palm Springs is always fun and adventurous. From hikes to great places to dine-in and party.

Where to stay: Book through Expedia or Kayak for better deals!

  • Hilton Palm Spring for a quieter vacation and perfect for families with young children. No bar or DJ or live music by the pool.  From there you can explore the desert. Click here 
  • Margaritaville Resort Palm Springs is a fun hotel to stay. Perfect for couples that need to get away from reality. Best part of the hospitality you have a bar, DJ and/or live music by the pool. At night, the pool area has firepits and it’s open until 10pm. Click here 

Where to eat:

  • Las Casuelas Terraza Mexican restaurant in downtown. The food is so delicious and guess what? Best Margaritas in town!! Gorgeous outdoor seating with live music. Click here 
  • JWB Grill has the best fish tacos! Click here

For night out:

  • The Village Pub is the best place to get the body dancing all night with live music and DJ. Everything in one location. It has two floors so you can choose what your mood feels like. Click here for details 
  • Moxie Palm Springs is a great place to enjoy live music and you can go upstairs for a nicer view. Food is descent.


  • My favorite place to hike is at the Indian Palm Spring Canyons. I recommend going around May and early June (80-95º). Discover the beauty and history from all three Palm Canyon, Andreas Canyon and Murray Canyon. Three days ago, we saw two big horn sheep. Pack a small towel and cool down in the creek. Water all year round! Click here
  • Another awesome place to visit is the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Online booking is not available at this moment because of covid. But, you can show up and buy your ride ticket at the boarding station. If you are driving there is a parking fee.

This place is open at 10am (Sat, Sun & holiday at 8am); 

until 9:30pm (Friday & Saturday at 10:30pm). 

The Tram takes you all the way up to Mount San Jacinto State Park (elevation 8,516 feet). The restaurant has an amazing view to the mountains. Enjoy over 50 miles of hiking trails, history museum and shops in case you get cold or need a gift. 

Bring a sweatshirt or jacket if you are planning to go around May-June. ***During winter time you must bring snow gear.

Click here 

  • If you are into art, visit the Palm Spring Art Museum. Click here 

I found this great place for all ages the Moorten botanical garden. Click here


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Travel ideas

Traveling can be stressful if you’re planning an overseas trip. Even if you travel inside the country, it requires many steps. You need birth certificate, ID/DL or non-expired passport, flights, hotel, transportation from the airport to your destination, outfits, a tour guide, places to eat, and COVID-19 testing.

Are the kids coming or staying at home? Then, it’s more planning for who will stay with them while you’re away or, if they are coming, what do you need to be prepared with your child? You’ll need a birth certificate to travel between the United States and Canada by land or sea. However, in the event that the child needs to travel back to the U.S. by air, a passport book is required. Every U.S. citizen, regardless of age, must have a passport to travel abroad. Newborn babies, infants, and toddlers all need a passport to leave and enter another country.

This trip was months of preparation. Kids stayed at home! We needed new passports and the travel health visa to enter the Bahamas. Once we got our passports, we were able to open an account by entering all our personal information, including COVID-19 requirements. I scheduled us in advance for the COVID-19 tests (72 hrs prior to the flight). Also, we got travel insurance in case anything happens. It’s better to be prepared!

I’m sharing my favorite travel stuff below. They’re must-haves!!!


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January favorites

Happy New Year! I am glad we got through the holidays and are starting 2022 with positive vibes. I narrowed down all my favorite outfits, home decor and kitchen supplies.

  1. Dresses for all occasions! Date night, girls night out, brunch, or beach event.
  2. I love these joggers and how they look. Casual look and affordable!
  3. The Shark NV360 is a great vacuum for its price ($200). It compares to the Dyson for cheaper.
  4. Organize your entire home by shopping at the container store!
  5. The iFly 3-set luggage is the best deal at $250. It comes with 3 different size suitcases: 28”, 24” and 20”. Lightweight and plenty of storage. Expansion zipper. 360-degree wheel navigation. 10-yr warranty.
  6. These reusable food wraps have saved my life! No more plastic or ziplock bags. 100% compostable. 1-yr lifetime (about 100 uses).
  7. This bamboo laptop stand is a multi-purpose little table. it can be used standing up on top of a table or desk and sitting down over your lap with legs height adjustments.
  8. I love Spanx leggings so much. These faux leather leggings have super stretchy and soft fabric. No camel toe and they fit true to size. You can dress them up or down. All my Spanx leggings are size regular x-small. My height is 5’5” and bottom size 0.
  9. The Favy brand razor helps to remove all the dead skin and facial hairs from your face. I’ve been using it for several months now. My facial hairs grow back as normal (not thicker).
  10. When it comes to hair tools, these are my favorite ones. The Revlon hair dryer dries and brushes your hair at the same time. It’s the best creation ever for people like me that don’t have the perfect hand coordination to hold a brush and a dryer at the same time. The hair waver gives you perfect beach hair. The curling iron is my favorite for big curls and last for a long time.


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